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SOH-Seduction · 8th Feb 2015
SOH-Seduction · 2nd Feb 2015
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SOH-Vengeance · 30th Aug 2014
Sins of Humanity
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We are a Call of Duty Advanced Warfare clan on the Ps4, looking to recruit new members, in order to join you must be active, must be 16 or older, have a mic and must be willing to make an SOH name. There will also be a try out as well, its just standard with our clan leader. So far we have won all of our clan wars. We are looking to expand our numbers so that we can compete in diamond division. Our clan has a laid back friendly atmosphere, and we do like to have fun, so if this sounds like what you are looking for please send a message to SOH-Seduction, so she can schedule a tryout. We hope to hear from you soon!