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13th Feb 2015

SOH Code of Conduct
The clan code of conduct is a detailed document stating the rules and regulations. Violation of the code of conduct can result in being banned from the clan and all the social media that accompanies it.

No Cheating or Hacking- Hacking/Cheating will result in an immediate ban if found guilty. The use of in game glitches are frowned upon in public games but prohibited from competitive/tournament.

All members must be active- We expect clan members to be active. We understand ‘Real Life’ comes first and you will not be removed for that. Please show respect and let management know if any issues arise that will keep you from participating for extended periods of time (ex: Vacation, Illness, school, work etc…).

Requirements- All members must have a working microphone (if your mic breaks you will not be removed but please let us know). Members MUST be 16 or older (members already in the clan below this age are not affected by this rule). Members must play COD but are not limited to it.

Behavior- Members are to be respectful to not only clan members but other gamers. Any discrimination based on Race, Religion, Mental handicaps or other slurs/insults will not be tolerated. Members are expected to apologize if they violate this, if they do not it will result in a ban. We expect a certain level of maturity from all members. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated on any level.

Competitive- Members who compete in competitions/tournaments for prizes/cash MUST be 18+. Underage members competing is considered Gambling and is illegal for minors. Any future sponsorship perks will be handled by management but will be distributed amongst members as needed.
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